Event Programme


  Main Auditorium
Registration, Networking & NESTA Exhibition
Chris Powell, NESTA’s Chairman
Jonathan Kestenbaum, NESTA’s Chief Executive
The Innovation Edge
Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Web Science: A conversation with the Inventor of the Web
Bob Geldof
Incentivising Innovation
Panel Discussion
Collaborative Innovation: Winner takes all?
Is innovation the saviour of the world or another way for the West to cement its leadership over the struggling developing world?

Lunch, Networking & NESTA Exhibition

2.30-3.45pm Expert Seminars

1. Are online social networks the new cities?

Cities have been the financial, social and creative engines of the world. How will the rise of online networks affect business, human interaction and cultural activities?

2. Demanding Innovation: Moving beyond supply

Innovations are the result of the interaction between supply and demand and policymakers have tended to rely on a toolkit of supply-side measures. How might new thinking around procurement, regulation and improving demand from consumers drive innovation?

3. Creating Access: How the creative industries are forging new ways to market

The adoption of disruptive digital technologies has given creative companies the means to directly access consumers. What are the key drivers for these changes, how will business models be affected, and where is the role for innovation?

4. Incentivising for a greener world: Whose responsibility is it?

Innovation in response to climate change will need to come from a range of sources. But how do you incentivise different groups to act?

4.00-5.15pm Expert Seminars

1. Where the UK leads…but for how long?

Are we doing enough to ensure that we survive in the global economy and retain our position in our most important sectors for years to come?

2. Entrepreneurs v Investors: Can the relationship ever really work?

Do entrepreneurs and the investment community recognise the same characteristics as valuable to success or do both groups simply understand entrepreneurship differently?

3. Are our educational institutions living up to the innovation demands of the 21st century?

How can we ensure that the education system is aligned to the needs of the future economy?

4. Social Investment: An oxymoron?

Social ventures have huge potential to deliver innovative goods and services. Yet we don’t have sufficient flows of capital or the right financial structures to take this forward. Do markets provide the answer?

Chris Powell
Closing Remarks
Drinks, Networking & NESTA Exhibition
Innovation in the Public Sector organised by Policy Exchange - Level 4 Green Bar
Creativity Beyond Television organised by Channel 4 - The Spirit Level

* Please note this programme is subject to change.

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